B2 Black Garlic & Bamboo Salt Tablets

2B Tablets – Black Garlic and Korea Bamboo Salt Tablets

9X roasted Korea Bamboo Salt

BENEFITS: Increasing energy level and stamina, building up the body’s immune system, helping manage blood pressure and cholesterol.

POWERFUL garlic extract rich with NATURAL anti-bacterial properties (Allicin). Contains AMINO ACIDS including Methionine.

RICH in VITAMIN B1 and IRON. Gentle on your stomach with no strong odors.
EASIEST form for consumption

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sulfur garlic 67%,Korea Bamboo Salt 9X roasted 33%

Specifically formulated to reduce inflammation of the stomach, colon, small and large intestines it helps to detoxify the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, small and large intestines and colon and cells.

The National Cancer Institute in the United States announces anti-cancer foods each year and GARLIC has been No. 1 anti-cancer food for many years. For the anti-cancer activity of Garlic to function properly in the body, it needs the support of bamboo salt. The nutrients necessary for the body are absorbed with sodium is absorbed into cells along with nutrients such as amino acids, sugars and water.

When Garlic is combined with bamboo salt, the Garlic nutrients can transfer to each cell much faster. Bamboo salt which moved into cells perform two jobs simultaneously within cells; first activating enzymes and discharging debris out of the cells, and second, supply minerals so that the pharmacological nature of Garlic can be activated within the cells. By joining minerals and Garlic, cells will be in better condition to generate new nutrients and exercise stronger antitumor actions.

In other words, adding bamboo salt to food which has pharmacological or anticancer effects makes the phrenological effects stronger, as well as facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

“Bamboo Salts Is Life”

Take 5 to 10 tablets with warm water or tea 30mins before bedtime.

How it happens – after blending, all products are harmonized in an EMF FREE environment for a period of up to 4 weeks. High energy harmonizing is supported by infusing earth energies and calibrated sound vibrations. Intention of the benefits is for you to enjoy the vibrations of good health and happiness.

Caution: Although all ingredients are from Mother Nature’s farmacy, it is always advisable that persons who have health conditions, are on medication or pregnant check with their physician or become knowledgeable of the ingredients’ benefits and contraindications.

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