Ingredients: Borututu Bark Loose Tea


Borututu Bark Loose Tea


A tea for: Indigestion, Fatigue, Detox, Blood Purifier and Diuretic

One of the ingredients in the blend of Chagarootu Steeping Tea Use for a more focused support.

A treasured tonic from Traditional African Medicine with many healing properties. Containing Vitamin K and B3 this powerful anti-oxidant with quinones, cathechins, phenols and bio-flavonoids all used to stabilize free radicals. Improves intestinal function, improves liver & kidney functions and is super liver detox as well as helping the liver regenerate. A support for fatty liver and cirrhosis. Purifying and diuretic properties protects urinary tract, supports kidney function and prevents kidney stones. Less bladder infections reducing inflammation of the prostate helps with the gall bladder and weight reduction.

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