Protect Restore Combo

Protect and Restore EMF Defense Solution – Winning Combination
Korea Bamboo Salt Box Kit 9x Roasted + Lemurian Plug

E-Smog ( EMF/5G ) depletes the body of:
  • Minerals      – required to metabolize vitamins
  • Zinc              – strengthens the immune system
  • Electrolytes – cellular communication

Bamboo Salt replenishes the body with essential minerals.  The Lemurian Plug protects from EMF’s and 5G

People sensitive to energy fields can feel the difference as soon as they come into The Plug’s range and experience an improved sense of well being. Many have seen improvements in their electric bills, plants, in home dust, sleep quality and pest control.

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Bamboo Salt Box Kit 9x Roasted Original + Lemurian Plug

Raw Material: Sun-dried Salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula 100%, with Mexican Organic Vanilla

Bamboo salt is a health salt extracted from the roasting process using five major sub-materials that is the sun-dried salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula, bamboo plants of more than three years old, pure yellow soil from deep valleys, pine tree firewood and steel furnace.

Bamboo salt is a safe salt because it is completely pollution-free, it does not contain the harmful elements of ordinary sun-dried sea salt, and it has no sodium troubles by chemical refined salt.

– Take 10 to 20 grains 5 or 7 times a day at your conveniences.
– Take 1 teaspoon (2g) of bamboo salt powder 5 or 7 times a day, 30 minutes before meal or sleeping and at your convenience between meals.
– Take in the above-mentioned way with a tea, which is made of decocting ginger (38g) and a licorice root (29g). Adding a jujube (10g) is better for women.
– Eat parched garlic with bamboo salt several times a day.
– It is not harmful to take bamboo salt with other medicines, f


Lemurian Plug
Make Your Home Safer
–       Neutralizes Toxins
–       Hold a healing and restorative frequency
–       Protects from EMF’s and 5G
–       Transmits energy to any cellular device (your phone)
–       Enhances Food
The Plug is “charged” with an ancient technology that was given to the late Geoffrey Radford by a Lemurian. This is Technology that was lost, but has found its way back to us! The Plug remains an affordable way o find relief in many forms.
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