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  • Organic Sulfur

    An oxygen transport mineral (internal respiration) is crucial for cellular growth as it carries extra oxygen molecules to the body cells. Supports toxin removal, eliminates free radicals,...

  • The Lemurian Plug

    EMF Defense Solution

    People sensitive to energy fields can feel the difference as soon as they come into The Plug’s range and experience an improved sense of well being. Many hav...

  • Whispering Herb Cards

    Whispering Herb Cards

    Created by
    Evelyn Mulders

    Whispering Herbs  are a unique and one-of-a-kind tool for anyone wanting to enhance personal awaren...

  • Zeo Sol

    9x roasted Korea Bamboo Salt, Micronized Clinoptilolite-zeolite powder. Vibrationally raised by our unique process of harmonizing.

    Zeolite, otherwise know...

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