Replenish, restore, and nourish your body with Tachyon Healing

The Tachyon Healing Chamber

The Chamber

Tachyon Chamber are based on a technology given by Pleiadians. Our Tachyon Chamber harmonizes pure, safe and strong Tachyon energy. The chamber harnesses a technology of Tachyons and crystal energy which yields the highest concentration of focused Tachyons. Regular sessions will aid in awareness, stress, fatigue, detoxification, concentration and deepens spiritual awareness and ascension.


Tachyons are subatomic particles which contain the full spectrum of spiritual Light.

Light carries information, truth, and when we have the correct information, our whole being, all our bodies (physical, astral, etc) can then re-align with this truth. Therefore tachyons can initiate healing of any disease physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.


Benefits of Tachyon Energy

  1. Tachyon restores chakra and meridians to a “Healthy Zero Point”.​
  2. Tachyon chamber harmonize imbalanced energy and convert it to positive, balanced  and harmonious  fields.
  3. Tachyon assists in clearing emotional, mental and spiritual fields in your past, present and future.
  4. When working with crystals the Tachyon field works in harmony to  amplify the crystal’s  attributes
  5. Tachyon accelerates the body’s capacity to heal from illness or disease.
  6. ​Fields of Tachyon increase their physical and mental stamina.  
  7. Tachyon profoundly affect the DNA by regenerating and activating the higher DNA strands that are currently coming online in ascending humans.
  8. Tachyon promotes pain relief.
  9. Assists body in mild detoxification.

Tachyon harmonizes harmful ElectroMagnetic Fields  (EMF’s) generated by such items as:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Routers
  • Cell phones
  • Hair Dryers
  • High tension electric transmission lines
  • Computer screens, laptops, ipads
  • TV’s
  • And many other electronic devices.

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