bee haven – sacred frankincense

bee haven: with sacred frankincense  Keeping the body happy and moving!

Protein and nutrient rich. Essential building blocks for your body.


  • Brain
  • Memory
  • Vision
  • Lungs Heart
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Digestion
  • Immune Boots
  • Adrenals/Allergies
  • Hormonal balance
  • Urinary Tract
  • Red Cell Production

Over 200 bioactive vitamins and minerals

Over 400 different proteins PLUS natural iron uptake

One of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants on the planet
Proven as a treatment for destroying tumor cells

Sacred frankincense to: Boosts Immune System. Astringent Property. Reduces Scars. Promotes Digestion. Acts as Tonic. Reduces Respiratory Issues. Relieves Stress.



The super ingredients of bee pollens, tea and pine pollen plus Brazilian “green” propolis speak to the fact through research that this “survival food” for the body requires only 20 grams of bee pollens alone plus water to keep the body alive for 1 day.  Other major benefits are improvements to memory and brain health, immune booster, hormonal balance, natural iron uptake, bone health, heart, liver, adrenals, vision, kidneys, urinary tract, lungs and red cell production. Over 200 bioactive vitamins and minerals and over 400 different proteins.

Ingredients: bee heaven – 100% unpasteurized, unfiltered “RAW” Canadian honey, Alpha/DME organic coconut oil, powders of avocado seed, elderberry, bao/bab, ginger, tumeric, pepperdine, rose petal, AppleActiv-DAPP peel. Bee pollen from Canada, Australian Jarrah, Spain, tea & pine pollen, Brazillian (green) propolis, Frankincense Organic maple syrup & vanilla extract. High in “ORMUS” minerals.



Frankincense is know as on of the most powerful anti-inflammatories on the planet  making this a wonderful addition to an already powerful ingredient list for support.


To maximize the benefits of the honey blends, the following protocol is suggested: In the morning before breakfast – 1tsp of the honey blend with ¼ cup of warm water and a small amount of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. This will support balancing the body’s PH. Then take a ½ tsp of the honey blend before lunch and before supper to support the digestive process.

How it happens – after blending, all products are harmonized in an EMF FREE environment for a period of up to 4 weeks. High energy harmonizing is supported by infusing earth energies and calibrated sound vibrations. Intention of the benefits is for you to enjoy the vibrations of good health and happiness.

Caution: Although all ingredients are from Mother Nature’s farmacy, it is always advisable tat persons who have health conditions, are on medication or pregnant check with their physician or become knowledgeable of the ingredients’ benefits and contraindications.

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