super bee budz – sacred frankincense

bee budz with frankincense

Superfuel and restore your health with protein loaded bee budz with frankincense.

Frankincense is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants on the planet and is a proven treatment for destroying tumorous cells. In some studies, have been shown to suppress proliferation of cancer cells.

This “survival food” for the body requires only 20 grams of bee pollens alone plus water to keep the body alive for 1 day.

A very unique blend of Frankincense , Canadian, Spanish, Australian Jarrah bee pollen plus tea and pine pollens combined with Brazilian green propolis. Added to the combo are maple syrup and crystals, apple Active organic apple peel powder and vanilla extract. To maximize nutritional effects bee pollen must be chewed before swallowing.


Ingredients: super bee budz – A blend of Canadian bee pollens plus Spanish bee pollen, Australian Jarrah bee pollen, tea pollen, pine pollen, Brazilian propolis(green), Oman Frankincense, organic maple syrup and crystals, Apple Active organic apple peel powder, organic vanilla extract.

Directions: begin with 1/4 teaspoon daily and gradually increase to 1 teaspoon daily for 6 days, then 1 day of rest. Approximately 60 servings.

Note: To maximize benefits, Chew the pollen for 15-30 seconds and ingest at different times with your daily routine(a.m. one day, p.m. the next). Bee pollen is difficult to digest and the body will create a resistance if consumed at the same time every day.


How it happens – after blending, all products are harmonized in an EMF FREE environment for a period of up to 4 weeks. High energy harmonizing is supported by infusing earth energies and calibrated sound vibrations. Intention of the benefits is for you to enjoy the vibrations of good health and happiness.

Caution: Although all ingredients are from Mother Nature’s farmacy, it is always advisable tat persons who have health conditions, are on medication or pregnant check with their physician or become knowledgeable of the ingredients’ benefits and contraindications.

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